A groundbreaking online resource for bridging the gap between high school and college writing


The same gold-standard instructional resource developed by BetterRhetor for high schools & colleges—customized for personal home use via the Teachable platform.

Best For:
Homeschool students & educators
College-bound high school students
Early-college students
Entering college students
Returning college students
International students
Graduate students looking to build & refine their academic writing & critical thinking skills


Designed with the challenges of classroom composition instruction in mind, CRWE provides the kind of writing experience that will best equip students for college success, aligning task and instruction with college-level practices and concepts. Delivered via Canvas LMS.

Ideal For:
High School Classrooms
Dual Credit Programs
Charter Networks
Online Learning Institutions
Summer Workshops
Developmental Ed Programs
Co-requisite Coursework
Supplemental Education
College Composition/English/Rhetoric
Any Writing-Intensive Course

The MAJORITY of students entering college are underprepared for college-level academic work.


One of the most glaring areas of deficiency—yet one of the most important for overall success—is writing. With CRWE, BetterRhetor has developed a one-of-a-kind resource to directly address this issue.


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