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Biography & Student Comments

Dr. Lee Elaine Skallerup has been teaching at the university level for over ten years, almost exclusively off the tenure-track.  She has taught at both large institutions that focus on research (University of Alberta and University of Kentucky) and smaller institutions that serve non-traditional and minority students (California State University, San Bernardino and Florida A&M University).  She has taught thousands of students, and edited and corrected hundreds of thousands of pages of essays. Dr. Skallerup has also published articles in a number of academic journals and has a book forthcoming from Guernica Editions. 

In addition, Dr. Skallerup has worked as a journalist, a freelance writer and editor, and a technical writer.  Consequently, she not only understands the demands of higher education, but also those of the professional world.

Finally, Dr. Skallerup began her academic career teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to high school students, as such she also understands both the unique challenges second language learners face and the needs of high-school aged students.

Her academic Curriculum Vitae and non-academic Resume are available here and here, respectively.  

What kind of teacher is Dr. Skallerup? Read what some former students have said:

- This was a very interesting course – but what really made the difference was the instructor.  She really knows her stuff and loves it, but she is open to new ideas as well. She also gave really excellent help outside of class. 

- [Dr. Skallerup] is very approachable, understanding and encourages success. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and her ability to make the driest dribble fascinating.

- I always wanted to go to this [class] because it made you think and show you interesting concepts.  Our teacher was amazing in her knowledge and she always made the work interesting.  Definitely a good one!

- [Dr. Skallerup] is absolutely fantastic!  As a first year student, generally the profs are not of the best quality when it comes to first year courses.  However, I was completely blown away by Skallerup’s enthusiasm, energy and her passionate love of the subjects we discussed.  Thank you very much for being such an awesome prof!

- She is very fair in her evaluations, always supplies helpful feedback and loves her job (which is very apparent).  [Dr. Skallerup] is there to help you out when you need it and never makes you feel silly if you don’t understand.

- When I first came into the course, I wasn’t really interested. Later into the course, [Dr. Skallerup] really got into depth of subjects and would help and specify something if you didn’t understand.  Basically, she helped you as much as she could, and had patience with all her students.

- Since I was in this class, my writing skills have improved a lot. I am now able to write a 5 page essay without any trouble.

- She is an excellent teacher.  She inspires me to read more books and she helped me get over my fears of writing essays.

(These comments have been taken from anonymous student evaluations of courses taught by Dr. Skallerup at the University of Alberta and California State University, San Bernardino)
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